Using the latest technologies, Point.360 allows filmmakers to bring their most creative visions to life by way of dynamic color correction capabilities.

Digital Intermediate:

4k/2k/HD Data conforming and color correction made simple with Point.360 DI work flow for digital or film capture and our versatile DI systems. This work flow is an ideal structure for independent features – cutting edge and economical.

Versed in workflows for:

  • • Digital Raw/Log - RED
  • • ARRI - D21 and ALEXA
  • • Phantom
  • • Canon
  • • P2
  • • SI
  • • F35
  • • F23
  • • Viper
  • • Genesis

Digital Cinema Deliverables - 2D and 3D:

  • • Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs)
  • • Digital Keys for Encrypted Content

Telecine & Scanning:

For dailies and mastering, Point.360 has one of the most experienced and artistic teams of colorists in the business. We enjoy an ongoing reputation as leader in transfer 16mm, 35mm, Super 16mm, and Super 35mm film to 4K/2K, High Definition, Standard Definition, and digital files using fully equipped Spirit telecine bays.

Film dailies can be transferred to a multitude of digital formats as:

  • • .dpx
  • • DNxHD
  • • ProRes

NITRATE Scanning:

Approved vendor to handle NITRATE film and audio elements.