Today over 500,000 film and video elements are safely stored and managed at the Point.360 Media Center. The care and security of film, video and audio elements can never be taken for granted. If not stored properly, materials deteriorate and your elements can rapidly become worthless.

The Point.360 Media Center Difference

  • • Temperature controlled, laboratory-clean environment.
  • • Web-based, secure online inventory access.
  • • Electronic tracking of elements throughout the production process.
  • • An in-house fleet of vehicles.
  • • MPAA compliant.

Point.360 can help you defend against the damage caused by poor storage and dangerous environmental conditions. In addition, Point.360 provides the means to store all of your material under one roof where it can be cared for and serviced without ever leaving.

Highlighting our archival service offering is the Point.360 Media Center. The Point.360 Media Center is a 45,000 square foot facility that has been specifically designed to provide high-end element security in a climate-controlled environment where your elements will be stored with confidence. At the Media Center, conveniently located between Glendale and downtown Los Angeles, the utmost care is given to protect your material from piracy, theft and unauthorized viewing. The Media Center storage facility has been designed to exceed stringent Los Angeles seismic requirements and a dry "pre-action" fire, life, safety system further protects your material and there is no chance of inadvertent water release.

Material deposited at any of the Point.360 locations is identified, catalogued, bar-coded and entered into the Point.360 library management system and all activity is tracked throughout the Point.360 network of facilities and the production process. Material archived at the Media Center can be located easily for servicing and will be transported to or from and of the Point.360 Los Angeles locations via our in-house fleet of secured vehicles


Point.360 remains a pioneer in security and anti-piracy efforts for the entertainment industry. Our proprietary security process combines sophisticated security hardware and software with strict internal operating procedures to ensure that all material is secure throughout its life cycle at Point.360.

Through the integration of our library management systems, controlled access to operational and storage facilities and digital TV monitoring of operational activity, we are able to track movement of every element throughout the Point.360 operating facilities.

The Process features include:

  • • Electronic ID badges to track the movement of employees.
  • • Element bar codes electronically linking elements to users.
  • • Electronic tracking of elements throughout the production process.
  • • A network of high resolution video monitoring and digital record devices.

Internet Services

As part of our Live.360 digital initiative, Point.360 has developed a secure online application to access your inventory. This application allows you to search online by a number of search criteria including Title, Date, ID codes and much more. Live.360, accessible worldwide, provides you a lifeline to your library around the clock.

Whatever the volume or condition of your materials, Point.360 offers you the best opportunity for the long life of your film, video and audio materials. Evaluation and image restoration are among the archival services available at Point.360.